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About Us 👋

This is an IT Support Group was initally founded out of a need to find a place to ask for professional IT support. Other communities and groups online declared that they were "not a tech support group". Well, why not? This is an IT Support Group was born to give IT professionals a place to vent about work, get candid advice about their career path and share memes.

Meet the Team

This is an IT Support Group was founded and moderated by a dedicated team of industry professionals who assist in writing our newsletter, moderating and shaping our community and making the IT industry a better one to work in for all!

Stetson Blake profile picture
Stetson Blake
Ohio, USA
Edward Nevard profile picture
Edward Nevard
Community Manager
England, UK
Tuan Nguyen profile picture
Tuan Nguyen
Group Moderator
Oklahoma, USA

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For sponsorship inquiries and general questions email us here