2022 Open IT Salary Report

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April 15, 2022
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Another year, another Salary Report! Our 2022 Open IT Salary Report has landed!

We’ve had the biggest response ever, yet again, with over 1,000 responses! 🤯

We hope you get some great use out of this data, whether that’s asking your boss for that pay rise that you deserve, or getting a better idea of salaries within other roles, working on that career move, etc!

Whatever you use it for, we hope it can spread awareness and offer some insight into fairer salaries which are representative of the industry.

With all that being said, we’re proud to present our 2022 Open IT Salary Report to you!

Hit the image below or click here to check it out 👇

The Results

Number of employees in companies (of those surveyed)
We asked our audience if certifications were useful in their employment. Yes narrowly took the lead at 36.7%.
The majority of our survey participants have 6-10 years in the IT Industry.
Most people work in a Hybrid arrangement (mixture of on-site and remote work).
Most people surveyed are educated up to High School level.

We asked what the most useful skills needed in 2022 were. The bigger the word, the more responses it had.

We asked what the biggest pain points in IT were. The bigger the word, the more responses it had.

Participants (by Country)