Machine Level Automation

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July 14, 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our Machine Level Automation Event last Wednesday!

Special thanks to N-able Head Nerds, Jason Murphy and Marc-Andre Tanguay for their time on this!

Did you miss the event? No problem – watch back the Livestream here!

Machine Level Automation

Extra Resources

Want to check out the automation scripts used in the Livestream? Click here to download them!

In this download, you will get instant access to the following scripts:

  • Bitlocker Status
  • Get Bitlocker Keys
  • Disable Windows Update Access
  • PrintNightmare Mitigation (official patch now released by Microsoft – educational purposes only)
  • Password Complexity (minimum password requirements)

Awesome, right?! Don’t forget to submit your automation policies and get noticed in the MSP space. Go to and submit your scripts there (and check out some really great existing ones)!

Have fun automating, guys!

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