I created a gratitude.txt file and everything changed

November 16, 2020
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I use Notepad/Note apps a lot. They’re so handy. Simple, functional. Keeping a list takes barely any effort. I like tiny positive habits with the most impact, in much teh same way. A bit like a change control document, only no need for a backout plan.

So, my gift to you today is permanent, sustained contentment using notepad.

Open notepad (or a note app on your phone) and list three things you are grateful for right now. Literally write anything down that you appreciate where you are in this moment. Warm socks? Toilet paper? Your phone? Okay, cool. Save that on your desktop so you see it. You’re done for today.

The cool thing about noting down gratitude is you can note down anything. Any. Thing. Some days you’ll probably write a bunch more, it can flow so easily – go with it if you have the extra few seconds, since that’s all it takes.

To inspire you, I’ll list some things I’m grateful for today:

Clean air
Clean water
Hot water
Access to food
Having a job
My family
Feeling love
Having more than one close friend
Being hugged
Access to electricity
Access to the internet

…you get it, some days I can go on for a while. So simple, and a huge dopamine boost.

So that’s it. Commit to doing this once a day for 21 days. You’ll know it’s working when your friends and family tell you something’s different, maybe you smile more often, or one of my favourites: complaining less… I’d be keen to hear how this goes for you, if you accept my invite!


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P.S. if you’d like to learn some of the neuro-science backed research on gratitude, and how it affects your brain on a biological level – check out this published Harvard Health article.

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